"Dynamic. . . An Affectionate, Terrifically Entertaining Portrait!"   Full review

"Brilliant. . .A Real Tribute"   Full review

"Richard Skipper Is Riveting As Carol Channing. . .
I Could Watch This Performance Forever!" --JOE FRANKLIN

"Touching and Enjoyable"   Full review

"An Evening of Pure Entertainment"   Full review

"An Unabashed Delight"   Full review

"Richard Skipper Is This Girl's Best Friend...An Affectionate, Music and Fun-Filled Portrayal"   Full review

"Richard/'Carol' Certainly Keeps Us Smiling"   Full review

"Great Fun...Richard Skipper perfectly channels Carol."   Full review

"Well, Hello, Carol! It's So Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong, On Stage, Reliving Those Magical Moments"   Full review

"Effervescent and Ever-Fresh"   Full review

"A Boffo Evening...Cheery Beyond Measure, Comic Above Expectations...Vervy Comic Timing...Wowed"   Full review

"The Incredible Richard Skipper...This Is One Show You Have To See"   Full review

"Glowing Tribute...With Loving Panache"   Full review

"Masterful. . . A Delightful Evening of Joy, Insight and Fun With Lots of Good Music and Song."   Full review

Photo Flash: KT Sullivan Visits Richard Skipper As Carol Channing In Concert

Richard Skipper As "Carol Channing" In Concert to play Off-Broadway's St. Luke's

(PHOTO FLASH: John McDaniel, Julie Wilson, et al. at Opening of Richard Skipper as "Carol Channing" in Concert)

Richard Skipper as "Carol Channing" in Concert